A Guide to Mainland Greece

Greece is a truly diverse place. If properly planned, this trip will make you feel like a plain visit to Greece equals visiting several different iconic places around the world, from the turquoise sea of the Caribbean to the dark green forests of Central Europe.

Just like the differences of the various island groups in Greece are striking, so are the diversities to be found in the Greek mainland. There you can discover a little bit of everything: relaxing on sandy beaches with crystal waters and enjoying fresh fish in local taverns of small traditional fishing villages.

You will also have the opportunity to explore places with hills and mountains. Steep and rough cliffs in renowned places, nowhere else to be found in the world, forged by time and combined with narrow streets in fortified cities and medieval castles, giving you a sense of ancient time magic all around, from antiquity to the Roman times.

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1. Athens

It is the oldest capital city in Europe and the second oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe after Plovdiv, in Bulgaria. Athens alone is enough to fill your vacation cup! 

It is a time capsule that can take you back to ancient times, captivate you with its mystical vibes of Byzantine art, shock you with the ravages of modern war and the astonishing powerful amphitheaters made by the Greeks throughout history, attract you with hearty music and urban beauty and much more.

2. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki has an international reputation for its picturesque coastal promenades and extreme “walkability”. Walking along its many cobbled streets, you will come across a number of archaeological sites ranging from ancient Greek and Roman ruins to stunning Byzantine churches. Definitely a must-visit.

Thessaloniki is also known for its delicious food, including street food and snacks. Make sure to try the breakfast “bougatsa” pastry and take a tour in the “Ladadika” quarter for good food and wine!

3. Mani Peninsula

Mani is a region in the Peloponnese with many attractions, including picturesque stone tower villages and beautiful beaches. You will need a car to visit these places, as they are not easily accessible on foot.

Enjoy Mani’s finest and regional cuisine. Fall in love and explore the nearly 2000 Byzantine churches and castle cities.

4. Zagorohoria and Vikos Gorge

The architecture of Zaharochoria is unique! Tucked away in the dense forests of mountainous Epirus, is a group of 46 beautifully picturesque stone-built villages with iconic stone bridges across crystal-clear streams and rivers.

It’s a great place for relaxing holidays, surrounded by magnificent views and great food, but also for active holidays, if you enjoy climbing, hiking, kayaking, and rafting! In Zagorohoria, you will also have the opportunity to visit the breathtakingly beautiful Vikos Gorge, the deepest one in the world after Grand Canyon.

5. Kastoria

The city of Kastoria is also known as the “Dame of Macedonia”. Close to the sparkling Orestiada Lake, with the majestic Gramos and Vitsi Mountains around it, Kastoria is one of the most beautiful cities in the Macedonia region.

With beautiful promenades lined with plane trees and oaks, you will be surrounded by a sense of relaxation and simplicity as you walk the streets and alleys of Kastoria. Stroll through the various iconic neighborhoods with the two-story stone houses, some of which have been turned into folklore and heritage museums.

Greece has many airports in the mainland to choose from. The busiest airports are those of Athens in Central Greece and Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. These airports welcome international and domestic flights all year round.

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