Famous Greek Monasteries

Here are some famous and must-see Greek Monasteries. 

Greece is a famous destination for travelers who want to enjoy the country’s sun, long beaches, and cosmopolitan islands. And yet, Greece is a predominantly mountainous country, ideal for winter tours and sightseeing of the traditional sights at the mainland as well.

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1. Monasteries of Meteora

Meteora, located in the Thessaly region, is arguably the most famous monastery destination in Greece. This otherworldly place is a true natural wonder, and its massive steep rocks “floating in the sky” have become the home for a number of majestic monasteries.

2. Hosios Loukas Holy Monastery

In the beautiful region of Boeotia lies the small town of Distomo, and nearby the monastery of Hosios Loukas. It is also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its iconic Middle Byzantine architecture and rich history.

3. Megalo Spileo Monastery in Kalavryta

Just 10 km from the picturesque town of Kalavryta, the Holy Monastery of Megalo Spiraio is a wonderful place of worship and a great site to visit thanks to its unique architecture and holy atmosphere.

4. Panagia Hozoviotissa Monastery

Another quite famous monastery in Greece is the breathtaking monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa on the island of Amorgos. This small island, scattered in the deep blue sea, is full of traditional Cycladic elements, whitewashed houses and Christian history. This monastery is what combines these very elements and it is dedicated to the grace of the Virgin Mary (Panagia).

5. Arkadi Monastery

The historic Arkadi Monastery near Rethymno, Crete, is one of the island’s most famous sites, and is also associated to the Cretan Revolution of 1866, when Cretans revolted against Turkish (Ottoman) occupation. 

6. Mount Athos Monasteries

This ascetic community of about 2,000 monks protects the rich historical treasures of the Christian Orthodox Church kept in the monasteries of Mount Athos. Among these valuable artifacts one can find rare old books and ancient documents, Christian icons and artwork, as well as old mosaics. Therefore, it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is protected as such. 

7. Daphni Monastery

On the western outskirts of Athens, in the suburb of Chaidari, there is another famous Greek monastery, also preserved as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Originally built during the 6th century, the monastery now consists only of 11th-century buildings, since many of them have been destroyed and restored. 

7. Kipina Monastery

The stunning Monastery of Kipina is a hidden jewel of the stunning Epirus region. On the way to Kalarites village in Tzoumerka area, you will see a monastery literally squeezed into the rock. It is built in a way to naturally blend into the almost identically colored rocks and be hardly noticed. Therefore, it also served as a hiding place for Greeks during the Ottoman occupation.

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