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A Journey into Luxury Travel 

At Greek Luxurist, we consistently encourage our travel agent partners to consider Athens when crafting their guests’ travel itineraries. Athens, a city brimming with cultural treasures waiting to be uncovered, typically captures the attention of most visitors, drawing them into the heart of the city center and its remarkable archaeological sites. 

Yet, what many overlook is a hidden gem, merely a 20-minute drive away – the Athenian Riviera, a world of its own. Stretching from Piraeus to the shores of Sounio and Lavrio, it is a marvel of natural beauty that graces visitors and locals alike with pristine beaches, opulent 5-star resorts, exceptional dining experiences, and alluring boutiques.   

Greek Luxurist is ready to guide discerning clients on a voyage of exploration, revealing the magnificence of the Athenian Riviera and all it encompasses. 

An Array of Superlative Coastal Retreats

One & Only Aesthesis: 

Eagerly anticipated, the new One & Only Aesthesis is poised to redefine opulence in the realm of coastal resorts. Guests will partake in a singular and unparalleled experience, designed to surpass all expectations. The One & Only Aesthesis is destined to become the premier destination for high-end travellers in search of the epitome of seaside luxury. 


Four Seasons Astir Palace: 

Nestled on the enchanting shoreline of Vouliagmeni, the Four Seasons Astir Palace stands as the pinnacle of luxury and elegance. This coastal sanctuary offers a sweeping panorama of the sea, painting a mesmerizing backdrop for all who visit. Their unwavering dedication to impeccable service ensures that every guest’s accommodation is nothing short of extraordinary. From world-class cuisine to rejuvenating spa experiences, the resort promises an unforgettable stay, reshaping the essence of indulgence. 

Exclusive Athenian Riviera Enclave


Glyfada epitomizes cosmopolitan charm, where boutique-lined streets and a dynamic nightlife intersect to cultivate an atmosphere of sophistication and vitality. This area seamlessly melds culture and entertainment, casting an irresistible charm to travelers seeking a destination where urban elegance is harmoniously combined with vibrant social experiences. 


Situated along the serene Athenian Riviera, Vouliagmeni stands as a tranquil retreat, celebrated for its invigorating thermal springs. The springs offer guests a haven of rejuvenation and renewal. The town boasts a serene lake, making it the quintessential location for those seeking coastal charm close to the city. 


Lavrio with its historical significance, unfolds as a captivating town where echoes of the past resonate through its ancient amphitheater and bustling port. This unique locale artfully combines Greek tradition with coastal elegance, presenting a distinctive experience for those with an appreciation for history and seaside beauty. 


Sounio, home to the awe-inspiring Temple of Poseidon, is a pilgrimage for history enthusiasts. The ancient ruins stand gracefully against the backdrop of the sapphire sea, invoking wonder and reverence. After exploring this historical treasure, visitors can savor the flavors of Greek cuisine at nearby tavernas, the perfect wrap for a day filled with cultural and culinary delights. 

Dining by the Sea – A Feast for the Sense

Akti Restaurant: 

With its panoramic sea views, Akti Restaurant serves exquisite seafood delicacies, promising an unforgettable culinary voyage by the water. 


Matsuhisa, curated by the acclaimed chef Nobu Matsuhisa, marries Japanese and Peruvian flavors, resulting in a truly unique dining experience. 


With its farm-to-table concept, Mercato offers a fresh and authentic taste of Greek and Italian cuisine, an ideal choice for guests seeking a gastronomic adventure. 


PAPAIOANNOU restaurants offer an authentic Greek dining experience, showcasing the freshest locally sourced seafood in a picturesque seaside setting. Founded by Giorgos Papaioannou in 2021, their Kavouri location boasts tables right on the pier, allowing guests to enjoy fine fish dishes with a view of the Aegean Sea.  

Greek Luxurist eagerly awaits the opportunity to assist you in crafting the perfect Athenian Riviera experience for your clients, ensuring they savour every moment of this remarkable journey and that their Athens vacation becomes truly the best of the best.