Epicurus, Ancient Greek Philosopher and Sage


Let us introduce you to the cradle of civilization with a tailor-made private guided tour in archaeological sites or ancient venues of extreme significance and an exploration through the wonders of ancient Greek or Byzantine culture in magnificent museums. Ancient Greek monuments are still to the present-day sources of inspiration, leading the way to the development of Greece’s contemporary art and culture, waiting to be discovered by the sophisticated traveler.

greek gastronomy

Dining and wine tasting experiences that exceed expectations. Greek gastronomy is famous around the globe for its unique tastes and authentic flavor. Our suggestions range from Michelin-awarded restaurants to small traditional taverns that will surprise your clients’ palette and will allow them to experience the very taste of life in Greece. With an extensive network of wineries scattered around almost every corner of Greece let us organize a private wine tour for you.

Let’s organize a truly romantic getaway for you and your partner. Our breathtaking islands of unparalleled beauty and romantic ambiance, along with a portfolio of the most elegant, handpicked hotels and individual arrangements especially designed by our team, will put together the most exquisite honeymoon experience.

Be ready to to indulge in a luxurious world of deep relaxation, wellness, body and soul rejuvenation. Exclusive Spa Resorts and exceptional wellness centers are scattered along with Greece’s finest destinations, offering high-quality services; from a simple massage to multi-day spa treatments.

What we have to offer is an in-depth insight of Greece’s natural canvas consisting of amazing beaches with crystal clear waters, majestic mountain peaks with breathtaking views, astonishing gorges of unparalleled beauty, unique geological formations that became the home of holy communities, active volcanic islands that inspired the greatest myths, alpine lakes, rivers and waterfalls in tailor made private tours in Greece.

Whether your preferences involve sports or made-to-measure activities in unspoiled landscapes of unparalleled beauty, you have the perfect opportunity to explore the natural beauties of Greece, combined with experiences that fulfill your wishes. Explore the possibilities of combining a luxurious getaway in Greece with your  favorite sport.


Welcome on Board! Luxury yachts chartering experiences based on your taste and budget. Carefully selected and organized sailing proposals to assist you discover the hidden gems of Greece. Having the perfect climate, wind and waters, Greece is the ideal destination for the best yachting experience of your life. Enjoy summer in Greece in full privacy with your very own yacht.


Pilgrimage experiences that exceed expectations. Special made Christian Tour Packages in Greece giving you the opportunity to follow the footsteps of Apostle Paul and admire the magnificent Meteora in Kalambaka. Patmos and Mount Athos should be also in your travel bucket list! GL Team will help you find the greatest trip to monasteries in Greece.


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