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Say ‘Yes’ in Greece

As we gear up to celebrate the season of love, Greek Luxurist takes the initiative to reveal an exclusive guide to crafting unforgettable wedding proposals in Greece—a destination synonymous with romance and enchantment.

Picture-perfect moments await your guests as they embark on a life-changing journey. Whether they’re planning a trip for two or seeking the perfect vacation spot to pop the question, as your trusted travel advisors, we stand ready to curate an experience that will exceed their wildest dreams.


At the Edge of the World

On the island of Santorini, where the sea and sky converge, the Lycabettus restaurant beckons guests to its storied perch atop the caldera cliff. Here, guests will be seated at the VIP table, a throne poised at the precipice of the world. For couples seeking a more intimate retreat, our dedicated travel designers can arrange an exclusive soirée at the Panorama Balcony of Canaves Oia Suites, nestled in seclusion. Both venues will allow guests to witness the breathtaking sight of fiery hues of sunset merging with the vast sapphire expanse below. These experiences are not merely dining events but invitations to feasts fit for deities, crafted by culinary artisans from all over the world. As the stars awaken in the night sky, let the poetry of the moment guide your guests’ hearts to their most sacred destination.


The Athenian Penthouse Proposal

Within the heart of Athens, under the watchful gaze of the Acropolis, a clandestine rendezvous awaits, at the New Hotel’s Penthouse. Picture your guests upon a balcony adorned with twinkling lights, where the moon casts its silvery glow upon a table set for two. A bottle of ambrosial Greek wine provided by the land’s rich bounty and a feast of flavours, born from the earth’s embrace, ready for the guests’ indulgence. As the city below fades into a hazy reverie, guests will let the magic of the moment inspire their hearts to speak their deepest truths.


A Secret Picnic for Two

Far from the streets of Santorini, between cobblestones, picturesque alleys and bougainvillaea, a charming fairy tale awaits. Let us guide your guests to a secluded hidden hill across the caldera, away from the bustling crowds. Here, surrounded by velvet cushions and flickering candles, a unique picnic experience will take place. The striking colours of the setting sun and the sweet perfumes of daisies and lavender will serenade the souls of the guests as they savour mouthwatering local delicacies accompanied by champagne and Santorinian volcanic wine. The perfect opportunity for a wedding proposal!


Proposing Aboard a Private Yacht

Finally, for the ultimate romantic gesture, whisk your clients away on a private yacht excursion.  There they will engage in a day of unparalleled adventure, exploring hidden coves and crystal waters, hand in hand with their beloved. With the Aegean Sea as their playground, they’ll enjoy a day filled with discovery before the sun sets and the moment arrives. Then, as they stand together on the deck, surrounded by the beauty of the sea and sky, with the gentle lull of waves as their witness, they will declare their everlasting love.


Here at Greek Luxurist we always make sure that for your discerning travellers, every moment is nothing short of extraordinary.

From designing the perfect proposal to crafting a dreamy, romantic vacation, let us be your partners in creating memories that will last a lifetime.