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In the world of luxury travel, the pursuit of unique and captivating experiences for our guests is paramount.  For us, travel agents, it’s through the infusion of local festivals and events that we can truly immerse our visitors in the heart of a destination’s culture.  

That’s the reason why at Greek Luxurist we would like to introduce you to the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, an extraordinary event that encapsulates the very essence of Greece’s artistic heritage through the eyes of locals and visitors alike. 

A Celebration of The Arts

This is an event that proudly bears the distinction of being one of Europe’s oldest continuously running festivals. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, this annual celebration of Greek culture unfolds between May and September. It is echoing the never-ending passion for artistic expression that has been cherished in the whole country since ancient times. 

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival is nothing short of exceptional, as it boasts a stellar lineup of world-renowned artists from the realms of music, theatre, dance, as well as visual arts. Through collaborations with Greek and international organizations, it invites audiences from around the world to partake in iconic performances. 

The Ancient Venues

What sets this festival apart are the enchanting venues where these performances come to life. The ancient theatres, Odeon of Herodes Atticus and Ancient Epidaurus Theatre, serve as the perfect stage for these artistic endeavors. These are the very hallowed grounds where iconic legends like Sophocles first brought their timeless creations to life. Each year, these ancient stages breathe new life into the classics, reimagined by renowned directors and actors. 

For opera enthusiasts, the Greek National Opera graces the festival with grand productions, featuring the works of Verdi and Puccini, among others. The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, nestled beneath the majestic Acropolis, which has hosted legendary figures such as Sinatra, Pavarotti, Elton John, and Sting, adds an unparalleled grandeur to these performances. 

Advising on Attire 

While there exists no predetermined dress code for the festival, an air of refinement is often embraced. Depending on the performance, a subtle sartorial elevation may be customary. However, the prevailing choice among most of the audience leans toward casual and smart-casual attire. It is important to note that, to safeguard and preserve these cherished historical monument venues, visitors are kindly requested to wear flat-soled footwear. This ensures the protection of the delicate marble surfaces, as narrow heels are not permitted within these spaces. 

Concluding the Evening with Gastronomic Elegance 

Upon the conclusion of the performance, we recommend that our guests embark on a gastronomic journey to bring their evening with the utmost finesse. Whether they choose to dine beneath the Acropolis at Dionysos Zonar’s or opt for a seaside rendezvous at one of the exquisite restaurants along the Athenian Riviera, this choice will add a touch of sophistication to an already remarkable day. 

At Greek Luxurist, we recognize the importance of curating exceptional travel experiences. As your trusted travel partner, we are delighted to offer our expertise in crafting the perfect Athens and Epidaurus Festival experience for our international travelers.   


From securing tickets to offering seamless access to these spectacular shows, we are committed to ensuring that your guests embark on an unforgettable cultural journey.