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As daylight fades and the city of Athens awakens to the enchantment of Christmas, radiant lights adorn iconic landmarks, casting a festive glow over the ancient streets. Amidst the historic charm, guests can immerse themselves in the melody of carolers and the enticing scents of seasonal treats. Athens by night during the winter holidays is a magical destination, inviting everyone to embrace the spirit of celebration and witness the harmonious blend of ancient and contemporary wonders.

Unforgettable Christmas Shows – A Theatrical Extravaganza

Dive into the season’s magic with classic Nutcracker Ballet performances at the Athens Opera or the Christmas Theater. Discover once again the timeless elegance of these shows, where enchanting dance unfolds within an atmosphere of sophistication and grace. It is nothing but a hallmark of Christmas and New Year’s Eve that promises to be a visual and artistic delight for all. 

National opera of Greece 

Opulent Dinner Parties at the Grande Bretagne Hotel:

Embark on a culinary odyssey by securing a table at the Grand Bretagne or other esteemed 5-star hotels. Within these opulent establishments, renowned chefs craft an extraordinary array of culinary surprises, curating each dish to perfection for the festive season. Enjoy the exquisite ambiance of holiday dinner parties, where every detail, from the sophisticated decor to the impeccable service, is designed to elevate your dining experience.

Christmas dinner at GB


Elegance in Entertainment: Shopping Spree:

Add a touch of personal splendour to this holiday season with a leisurely shopping spree in the heart of Athens. Explore the elegant luxury boutiques in Kolonaki or peruse the conventional stores in Ermou. From grand shopping malls to historic streets, elevate this season with discerning and refined presents, ensuring a thoughtful and meaningful celebration.


Bar Hopping in Athens: A Night of Gastronomic Revelry

Embark on an unforgettable bar-hopping adventure through the historic Athenian districts of Plaka, Monastiraki, Thiseion, and Psyrris with a curated tour. Immerse yourself in the festive Christmas charm as you sample an exquisite selection of Greek spirits thoughtfully paired with traditional delicacies at each stop, heightening your senses with every sip and bite. Explore the cozy underground bars that seamlessly blend history, contemporary flair, and the enchanting Christmas atmosphere, creating an evening of gastronomic bliss amidst the vibrant nightlife of Athens.

Bar Hopping in Athens: A Night of Gastronomic Revelry

Intimate Christmas Eve – A Local Affair

For an utterly unique and 100% exclusive celebration, we recommend orchestrating a private family dinner at the residence of a local beneath the iconic Acropolis hill. Options vary from the opulent mansion of a wealthy merchant to a 19th-century townhouse now owned by a museum curator, perched atop an excavation site. Indulge in a menu featuring traditional Christmas delicacies, allowing guests to witness the holiday through the lens of authentic Greek hospitality, all within the embrace of a traditional local home.

opulent mansion of a wealthy merchant to a 19th-century townhouse 

Fireworks on New Year’s Eve: A Grand Finale:

Arranging a dinner reservation on New Year’s Eve at one of the Athenian rooftop restaurants will allow guests to witness the fireworks burst on top of the Acropolis and Athens sky, a marvelous treasure to the eyes. Suppose the selected restaurant is close to Syntagma Square. In that case, guests will also be able to listen to live music from the Athens Municipality Philharmonic Orchestra or participate in the lively countdown, ensuring a grand and memorable conclusion to the year. 

Athens New Years Eve 

Indulge in the allure of the season with Greek Luxurist by inviting guests to bask in elegance and joy in the heart of Greece’s capital. Whether captivated by cultural shows, wandering through historic districts, or admiring the New Year’s fireworks, their visit guarantees an experience brimming with sophistication and the creation of cherished memories.