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Uncharted Paths with Greek Luxurist 

At Greek Luxurist, our mission is to inspire our travel agent partners and their discerning guests to uncover the secrets of less-travelled destinations.

This time we uncover Crete, the largest jewel in the Greek archipelago and an alluring mosaic of History, cosmopolitan charm, gastronomy and natural wonders.

For the Romantics – A Delightful Reverie

Guests experience unparalleled romance as they meander through the cobblestone streets of Chania’s old port. There, Venetian and Ottoman architectural influences entwine in a captivating display. Additionally for travelers seeking a day of tranquil bliss, whisk them away to the paradisiacal shores of Elafonisi and Balos, where the sands blush pink beneath their feet, and endless azure waters stretch toward the horizon.

Chania Old Port

For the Lifestylers – Indulging in Lavish Luxury

The location of Elounda beckons as the quintessential haven for travelers seeking luxury and relaxation. Renowned resorts like Domes of Elounda & Blue Palace await, ready to pamper and cater to every desire with exquisite services. But luxury doesn’t stop there! Let us arrange for your discerning guests to set sail on a luxurious yacht or catamaran and unveil the secluded bays and hidden gems along Crete’s pristine coastline. An experience that guarantees the elevation of their vacation to new heights.

Luxury Yacht Cruise

For the History Seekers – Ancient Palaces and Olympian Gods

Ignite your guests’ curiosity with a journey through time. Arrange an immersive visit to the archaeological site of Knossos or the awe-inspiring Phaestos Palace, where the ancient Minoan civilization flourished. Accompanied by a professional licensed guide, the secrets of the ancient kings and queens, who once ruled these lands, will be revealed. Travelers should also not miss out on the opportunity to explore the cave where Zeus, the King of the Gods, said to be born.

Knossos Palace in Crete

For the Food Enthusiasts – Taste the Cretan Cuisine

Crete’s culinary landscape is celebrated throughout the world. Encourage your guests to savour local delicacies and exquisite wines, as Crete boasts some of Greece’s most renowned wineries. Our dedicated team of local experts can orchestrate immersive experiences, ranging from wine-tasting tours to hands-on cooking classes on biological farms. Don’t forget to include in the itinerary an authentic private dinner, complemented by live music as well as staged atop a mountain peak with breathtaking vistas.

Cretan Cuisine with Live Music

For the Adventurous Travelers – Conquering the Samaria Gorge

Last but not least, for those craving adventure, Crete offers expansive landscapes and natural wonders waiting to be explored. Challenge your esteemed clientele to embark on the legendary Samaria Gorge hike, one of the world’s most renowned trails. Alternatively, for a more leisurely yet captivating adventure, suggest an e-biking tour through the picturesque mountain villages.

Crete Samaria Gorge

Crete invites you to craft unforgettable narratives for your discerning guests. Let our devoted Greek Luxurist team of passionate travel designers curate tailored journeys, ensuring your guests unearth the essence of Crete. Elevate their vacation experience and introduce them to Greece’s most diverse island, where the extraordinary is an everyday occurrence, and hidden treasures await discovery.