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Santorini is the most popular honeymooner destination in Greece, and it is best known for its romantic atmosphere.
No honeymoon plans are completed here without a glimpse to the famous Santorini sunset first before heading back to a stunning cave hotel and enjoying marital bliss.
There are plenty of activities for thrill-seekers, such as cliff jumping and hiking, while those looking for more peaceful holidays can enjoy the island’s beautiful black sand beaches.
Many people believe that a dip in the hot springs is a perfect activity for couples spending their honeymoon in Greece and is indeed a popular one. So, if you want to stay at one of those perfect honeymoon suites at specific hotels, make sure to book as early as possible, because competition is fierce.



If you’re looking for a place to celebrate your honeymoon, Athens is a great choice. There are plenty of things to do, both in the city center and beyond, since the city’s history and architecture is interesting and beautiful at the same time.
The city is a great place to stay and explore nearby attractions, such as the beautiful seaside temple at Cape Sounion or other cities like Delphi.
If you want to combine the life in mainland Greece with the life in a Greek island, you can visit one of the three islands closest to Athens either on a full-day cruise or as a secondary destination.



Crete is a large and beautiful Greek island. It is therefore perfect for a relaxing vacation with your loved ones. It has a variety of attractions and sceneries that will make your stay enjoyable. The town of Chania is truly amazing and has a beautiful Venetian harbor.
It is a great place to spend a day walking around hand in hand with your loved one. There is also a lighthouse with a nearby restaurant on the water’s edge, making it a romantic spot for a meal. The weather is perfect, urging you to stay longer on an island like Crete, where the sun shines three hundred days a year.
You can spend your time on any of its numerous amazing beaches.



Mykonos is known as Greece’s premier party island, but it also has many romantic spots for couples to escape to. It is a great place to spend your time, if you are looking for a fun vacation with your loved one.
If after visiting Little Venice you want to enjoy a delicious dinner for two, be prepared to get lost. The narrow streets and winding alleys make it difficult to stay on track.



Compared to Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, etc., Kefalonia is less well known outside Greece. However, it is an island full of opportunities for romantic getaways.
Kefalonia is a beautiful place to visit with plenty of beachfront property to enjoy and spots, where you will even have the chance to see sea turtles. There are also many charming villages to explore on the island.
For those who need adventure, take advantage of the wonderful island scuba diving, horseback riding, or hiking in Mount Ainos National Park.
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