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“Athenian Rhapsody”: The Definitive 24-Hour City Guide

Before your guests embark on a classical island-hopping odyssey, Athens beckons as an essential prelude. Prepare to be captivated by the city’s charm through this meticulously crafted 24-hour itinerary, expertly curated by our dedicated travel designers.

From morning to night, Athens promises an affair with History, Culture, and enchantment.
Let us guide your guests through a day that encapsulates the essence of this vibrant capital.

Embracing Athenian Allure: Unforgettable Accommodation

Every perfect journey commences with the perfect stay. Allow us to introduce your visitors to a selection of Athens’ most exquisite accommodations, setting the stage for an extraordinary adventure.

Coastal Elegance at One & Only: This brand-new breathtaking property which opens its doors this October offers beachfront vistas during the balmy summer months. Your guests will experience the epitome of luxury and natural beauty seamlessly intertwined for ultimate relaxation and excitement.

Timeless Grandeur at Grande Bretagne: Steeped in history, Grande Bretagne stands as a testament to Athens’ regal past. Residing within an exquisitely preserved Athenian building, it invites guests to bask in its enduring elegance.

Chic Fusion at Electra Metropolis Hotel: For classic design enthusiasts, Electra Metropolis Hotel beckons with its captivating timeless modernity. Its unique location next to the bustling central shopping district makes it a unique and appealing choice.

Parisian Charms at Dolli: At Dolli, Athenian and Parisian architecture converge in perfect harmony. This newly minted gem promises a sensory journey, inviting travelers to see Athens in a fresh light.


A Serene Start to the Adventure

The Athenian way of starting the day involves leisurely strolls to traditional bakeries, where the scent of fresh croissants and the richness of Greek coffee envelop visitors. Armed with this culinary delight, guests can embark on a refreshing morning walk to the National Gardens, an oasis of calm atop Syntagma Square.


A Private Tour Through Time

Returning to the hotel, guests prepare for the day’s highlight. Their private English-speaking licensed guide awaits in the lobby for an exclusive expedition through Athens’ historical tapestry. Amidst the Acropolis Hill’s remnants of ancient Greek civilization, every step resonates with history while the architectural marvels that shaped the world come into view.

A visit to the Acropolis Museum follows, housing Greece’s iconic artefacts, sculptures, and artistic legacies. The expedition concludes with a scenic drive through Athens, capturing the city’s essence through panoramic vistas from the comfort of a luxury Mercedes minivan.


Culinary Journey & Shopping Interlude

With Lunchtime approaching, our concierge team is ready to secure reservations at Athens’ most esteemed dining establishments. Venues like Zonar’s Dionysus, Spondi, Vezene, and Varoulko promise tantalizing Greek culinary artistry. After lunch, guests can retreat to their hotel for a respite or indulge in a shopping spree through Plaka or Kolonaki markets where elegant boutique stores tailored to refined tastes adorn the picturesque streets.


The Grand Finale in Sounio

As sunset nears, a private luxury minivan stands ready to whisk the guests away to the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. There, they’ll witness one of the world’s most captivating sunsets, followed by a traditional seafood feast at the local tavernas. These moments in Sounio etch memories that endure and will grace the hearts of travelers forever.


Working with Greek Luxurist provides the exclusive opportunity to meticulously craft stunning itineraries, offering in-depth attention to your guests’ day-by-day experiences.

Reach out to us today to collaboratively design ideal vacations for your discerning clientele.