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Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, where age-old legends seamlessly blend with contemporary delights, an extraordinary world beckons wine enthusiasts. Greece, a realm brimming with History and adorned by awe-inspiring landscapes, offers a multitude of unparalleled wine-tasting experiences. Our diligent team of travel experts holds the key to unlocking these treasures for every discerning guest.

Join us on a connoisseur’s journey along the Wine Roads of Greece, where every sip weaves a captivating narrative.


Santorini’s Eruption of Flavours – Argyros Winery

Your guests’ voyage starts with enchanting Santorini at Argyros, the island’s finest winery. Amidst the unique volcanic soil, this winery showcases the enduring spirit of Greek winemaking.

Visitors will learn about the characteristics of the soil and vineyards and how the oldest parcels of the Estate, some more than two centuries old, bear witness to centuries of winemaking tradition. Argyros Winery is renowned for its devotion to preserving the island’s rich viticultural heritage, boasting basked-shaped vines trained in a highly specific system known as “Kouloura”, found nowhere else on Earth. This method allows the vines to thrive in the island’s challenging environment while producing grapes of unparalleled quality.

Guests will also be introduced to the true gem of Argyros, Vinsanto, a naturally sweet dessert wine. Crafted from sun-dried grapes, Vinsantos are not just wines; they are an ode to the island’s ancient terroir, and Argyros Winery crafts them with the utmost passion and precision.

Peloponnese’s Culinary Legacy – Skouras Winery in Nemea

Continuing this culinary journey, guests will travel to the picturesque Nemea region at Domaine Skouras, a winery where technology is used as a tool for precision, allowing minimal intervention in winemaking. Here, they will encounter Megas Oenos, a pioneering blend of Agiorgitiko wine and Cabernet Sauvignon.

This wine, with its intense deep garnet colour and complex aromas of red and black fruits, spices, tobacco, and leather notes, is an exemplar of Greek winemaking excellence. Silky yet robust on the palate, it will captivate visitors with its gentle tannins and balanced acidity. All wines produced at Skouras are a testament to the terroir, reflecting the essence of Nemea’s unique soil and climate.

Xinomavro – The Northern Jewel – Kir-Yianni Winery

Our next destination unfolds amid the undulating terrain of Naoussa, where the Kir-Yianni Winery thrives. Here, the Xinomavro grape, aptly named “acid and black” in Greek, takes center stage. This rare and noble red grape variety, indigenous to Northwestern Greece, yields a diverse spectrum of wines – from Blanc de noir to deep red, and from dry to sweet.


During the wine-tasting tour, guests will delve into the secrets of Xinomavro’s production, as well as the unique terroir that profoundly influences the unparalleled quality of Kir-Yianni wines. Nestled in the embrace of Vermion’s mountainous mass, the vines find shelter from the harsh winter winds and enjoy a gentle, cooling breeze during the scorching summer months. This natural protection enhances the grapes’ character, resulting in wine products that embody the very soul of Naoussa’s terroir.

Sustainability Under the Cretan Stars – Dourakis Winery

Venturing further south to the captivating island of Crete, guests discover Dourakis Winery, where the commitment to sustainability is at the core of winemaking philosophy. From organic viticulture to a solar-powered winery, every step is a testament to the production team’s dedication to the environment.

At Dourakis domain, guests will be introduced to Apus Romeiko, a red grape variety native to Chania. The wine, born red and matured to white, showcases the art of masterful Cretan winemaking. With pale lemon colour and intense aromas of white peach, lemon, pear, and white flowers, Apus Romeiko is a delicate yet vibrant wine with a balanced acidity and a long, memorable finish that will certainly impress guests.


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